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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Neighborhood problems.

If you have a problem with a neighbor try to work it out with them.

If it is a code problem, then contact the city of Milford, Code Enforcement The number is 422-6616 ext. 178..

If it is a police issue or vandalism, contact the Milford Police dept.

The grass issue. We have a person contracted to mow the common areas of the community.. Right now the common areas are mowed weekly or around there. The vacant lots are all Croll. This includes the area past the signs at the main entrance. We do mow two passes on each side, but the rest is actually building lots, therefore Croll mows them.

We are in constant contact with the city about the grass issues. Croll is contacted and is aware of the situation. Unfortunately, the city will not step in until the grass is 6 inches high, then a letter and call is made and there is a period of rectification to get it mowed, at that point then the city mows at $100.00 an hour.

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